The conference is planned for young researchers and scientists in languages, literature and cultural studies, translation studies and social studies.

The Institute of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Black Sea State University in Mykolayiv, Ukraine and The Faculty of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies of Saarland University, Germany

invite you to participate in the 1st International Virtual Conference on Cultural Studies,

Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies: Sites and Insights

which will be held

January 15 – 17, 2016

This year’s conference will focus on collaborative transnational cultural studies and aims to investigate how encounters with the English language and ‘American culture’ have shaped European identities. Sites of these encounters span literary and cultural texts (e.g. novels, short stories, plays, films, TV series), corporate mass culture (e.g. social networks, technological products or fashion items) as well as countercultural phenomena (e.g. social movements). ‘America’ in this project is an object of study that functions as a cultural process of translation.The primary research question is to examine how the signifier ‘America’ functions as an intermediary in the production of transnational civic European cultures.



The conference language is English.


There is no fee for participation.