Tetiana Zubenko

Designing and Using Rubrics in Teaching English

Tetiana Zubenko

Rubrics should be:

♦ Clear: A rubric will clearly define what is excellent, good or poor work. Students will clearly see the exact expectations and desired outcome of the assessment.

♦ Democratic: Consistent guidelines, understood by both students and the teacher, and consistently reinforced, assure students (and parents) that the teacher will not grade subjectively. Students also have a voice in determining and defining the standards.

♦ Involving: Students should always be involved in creating the rubric, as well as self- or peer assessment.

♦ Engaging: Having a rubric to look at will encourage students to evaluate their own work and strive for excellence.

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Key words: holistic rubric, analytical rubric, assessment

Name:  Tetiana Zubenko

Academic title:  PhD

Country: Ukraine

University:  Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University


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